Please acknowledge the Site Guidelines for a friendly and adventurous experience! Revised 4/16/2018

Rules and Site Guidelines

By using Dynoblox and all Dynoblox platforms, you agree to these statements. We have reserved the right to suspend or terminate service if you fail to abide.

General Rules

The website is moderated throughout. Here is brief list of what we do not tolerate on Dynoblox.
If you violate any of the statements below, our staff are more than obligated to suspend your account, or in severe cases terminate your account. We do not tolerate complaints about bans - doing so will just have your ban escalated.

1. Exploiting or Breaching Site Boundaries

Our website is meant for having a good time and to socialize with friends. Exploiting and breaching site boundaries is an act of finding vulnerabilities in pages or code to cause damage or access private information. This is sometimes referred to as blackhat activity. We try to patch and fix as many of these as possible but no website is guaranteed to be immune from any attacks. If you are exploiting or breaching our website, your account will be permanently frozen. If expansive damage is done, you will be reported to the authorities without hesitation.

2. Copying of Property

Our website reviews all DMCA complaints and takes action on anyone using intellectual property of others. If you would like to submit a DMCA complaint, please message an Administrator or let us know on the Forum. If you believe your property was stolen or copied, please let us know by messaging an Administrator or letting us know on the Forum. In most cases, the only action taken is that we take down the content. If there are multiple infractions for copying property, we may moderate your account.

4. Personal Attacking

Personal attacking is when you insult, harass, cyberbullying, annoy, or otherwise harm a user online. We will take action on users who personal attack each other. If a flame war is initiated, all accounts involved will be terminated.

5. Online Dating

Our website is meant to communicate with the vast community, make friends, and socialize. Online dating is not tolerated because it is dangerous. If you would like to online date, please use an online dating website. Our website is not an online dating website. Online daters will be moderated accordingly.

6. Inappropriate Content

If you upload inappropriate content or imagery aimed at an individual, group, or organization, the content will be removed, reported to the authorities (if severe) and moderation action will be taken.

7. Profanity

We do not allow profane content or profanity. Our filters block out most profanity but not guaranteed to block out all profanity. A user will be moderated accordingly if using profanity and may be terminated if the infraction is severe. Profanity can be reported using the Report Abuse buttons throughout the website. If a user is caught bypassing or attempting to bypass the filter, more severe actions will be taken.

8. Offsite Links

Offsite links are not allowed to protect your privacy and prevent inappropriate content from being spread around the website. However, under high consideration, our staff have compiled a list of acceptable offsite links that can be used on our website. Acceptable offsite links are still viewed and moderated incase inappropriate content are on them. If you accidentally post a not-allowed offsite link, you will be given a warning. If your offsite link contains inappropriate content, you are to be moderated. Link shorteners are NOT allowed!

Please click the link below to view a list of allowed and not allowed offsite links.

9. Bribery

Bribery is making a staff member or user do something for you if you pay them. Bribery is not tolerated and moderation action will be taken accordingly.

10. Alternate Account Buying

Alternate account buying is when you create alternate accounts to buy out limited items in the store or to buy items from yourself for extra money. This is not tolerated. We collect logs of how many accounts you have and what they are linked to. This way we have proof and will not hesitate to ban you for doing this.

11. Alternate Account Donating

Donating from an alternate account to your main account is not tolerated. You will be moderated accordingly if caught.

12. Selling Items / Currency for Real Life Money

Selling items for USD, points, or any type of content off of this website is not allowed and anyone involved in the deal/trade will be terminated. All currency and items on this website are to be traded on here using our official features. Though we cannot control third-party interactions or offsite interactions, we will terminate anyone if caught.

Additional Information

As all infractions cannot be displayed on this webpage, we've shown the most common violations. We have reserved the right to moderate or investigate anything that happens on this website even if not displayed on the Terms. If you ever have any questions or comments regarding these terms statements, please contact an Adminstrator or ask on the Forum.

Also, joining inappropriate groups, participating in inappropriate Forum posts, or purchasing inappropriate items will get you moderated as you count as being involved and participating in the infraction.

Remember, if your account is terminated or banned temporarily, we will not refund any services. Creating a dispute with us will get your services permanently frozen and use of our service will be blocked from you.